Welcome to the World Bible Institute "Online Studies Department".  The online studies option is for students that wish to further their  education without the burden of relocating.    Currently, WBI is offering a graduate degree in Biblical Studies (MBS).   This is a thirty-six  hour degree program designed to equip the student for service in the Lord’s Kingdom.   Our online studies department is working to offer  bachelor degrees and further graduate degree programs.  Future plans also include a non-degree enrichment option, with courses in women  studies, church growth, and leadership. 

Affordable, quality courses from respected, sound instructors are a trademark of World Bible Institute.  Through prayer and diligence, our online department hopes to assist Christians from across the globe.   Christ offered a healing message to a lost world; a message that mended broken hearts and bodies.  May we proclaim that message loudly by living His Gospel!



Admission Process

Print application form and pay the non-refundable registration fee of twenty five dollars through Pay Pal.  Mail completed form and official  transcripts to World Bible Institute office in McDonough GA.   After reviewing your transcripts, WBI will send an email confirmation of acceptance  (to be printed for your records) and link to our e-commerce page.  The e-commerce page is where courses can be purchased.  Acceptance to the  program is contingent on previous academic record and qualifications.  Students will be notified by email instructions for the online account  set up and operations.


Leveling Courses

If you do not have a bachelor degree but have completed courses from an acceptable Christian institution, credits may be transferred to WBI  and applied towards a BBS degree. In some cases a student can be awarded a BBS degree by simply adding three leveling courses from WBI to their  current academic achievement. Most graduates from full-time preacher training schools or similar programs fall into this category. This method  of receiving a BBS from WBI applies only to those who are applying for enrollment in the Graduate Program.  There are three such leveling courses.  They are 300 level courses offering 5 credit hours of study each. Leveling courses can be purchased for $95 each from our e-commerce page. To get  started, pay the registration fee, send in your enrollment form and provide WBI with official transcripts to start the process of acceptance into  the program.

Graduate Level Course Fees

Graduate level courses are 500 level courses.  Unless otherwise noted, all courses are $135.00.  The MBS degree is a 36-hour program of study.    Required reading materials and textbooks are to be ordered from or your local bookstore at an additional cost to the student.  Once  accepted to the program, the student will receive access to complete course descriptions and required textbooks prior to purchase of courses.  Courses are purchased through Pay Pal on the e-commerce page.  Once purchased, students are admitted to the course and have access to the online  classroom.




In this course the student will gain the basic and overall understanding of what is involved in Graduate work. The introductory class will provide a basic awareness of the various disciplines, reasons, methodologies, and keys to successfully completing a graduate program. Emphasis is placed upon “mind mapping” which will help unleash the creative spirit within each student.

Required Textbooks:
  1. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, by Joseph Gibaldi, ISBN: 978-0-87352-989-0
  2. Elements of Style, by William Strunk & E.B. White, ISBN: 0-205-19158-4
  3. How to Mind Map, By Tony Buzan, ISBN 0-00-715373-2

CHRISTIAN EVIDENCES (Instructor: David Hamrick, PhD) 3 HRS

This course is a study of the many evidences upon which historical Christianity rests. It is designed to help the student to clarify their own thinking and to become better able to articulate and defend their faith. Emphasis will be placed upon the existence of God, the theory of evolution, the deity of Christ and the inspiration and historical reliability of the Bible.

Required Textbooks:
  1. The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict, by Josh McDowell, ISBN 0-7852-4219-8 (Read Part one and Part two).
  2. Surveying the Evidence, by Jackson, Lyons, and Butt, ISBN-10: 1-60063-007-3 and ISBN-13: 978-1-60063-007-1, Montgomery, AL: Apologetics Press, Inc.


A Study of Personal Evangelism, An in-depth study of the emphasis in Scripture on making disciples. Students will be moved to action while considering the value of a soul and the opportunities that come our way to share the gospel. Various means and methods of evangelism will be studied along with ways to help others become soul conscious. Each student will engage in practical evangelism while studying this course.

Required Textbooks:
  1. The Bible (Kings James, New King James, American Standard Versions)
  2. Evangelism Handbook of New Testament Christianity, 209 pages, by Phil Sanders at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). You can read it on line at (
  3. 25 pages, by Gene Taylor. You can read or download it at: (
  4. Waking The Sleeping Giant, 181 pages, by David W. Hamrick. Order from Hamrick Publication, Fort Worth TX. You may e-mail David at: (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  5. The Book of Acts

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT (Instructor: Phillip Satterfield) 3 HRS

Every congregation either has or will have to deal with conflict. The Bible gives the best way to handle it. This course will look at the principles God gives us to manage conflict within the body. Specific attention will be given to developing the skills of mediation, negotiation, and resolution of conflicts. These principles will benefit the student in all walks of life.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP IN THE CHURCH (Instructor: Aubrey Johnson, DMin.) 3 HRS

The best way to understand servant leadership is to examine biblical information regarding deacons who serve Christ’s church. These universal principles apply to leaders in various church and secular settings.

Students will master concepts of servant leadership in five key areas:

  1. The role of a servant leader
  2. The requirements of a servant leader
  3. The responsibilities of a servant leader
  4. The relationships of a servant leader The rewards of a servant leader
Required Textbooks:
  1. Dynamic Deacons: Champions of Christ’s Church - Aubrey Johnson (a copy of this book will be mailed to students free of charge after they enroll).
  2. Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality - Henry Cloud
  3. Wake Up Deacons - J.J. Turner

ADVANCED STUDY OF ISRAEL (Instructor: Donnie Barnes, ThD.) 3 HRS

Advanced Study of the Bible Lands is a course dedicated to introducing Bible students to many of the major places in the Bible that became the settings for many of God’s mighty works and directions for His will being done on earth in preparation for His bringing about His ultimate plan for redeeming mankind. While this is not a geography course per se, it will contain geography. While this is not a Bible History course per se, it will contain Bible History. While this is not an archaeology course per se, it will contain archaeology. The course will visually introduce the students to places recorded on the pages of the Bible in hopes that the approach will enable each student to feel as if they have actually visited each site so as to be able to paint word pictures in helping others to more clearly see that both the Bible places and the Biblical events that occurred in each are real. Connecting the past with the present will be a major focus in the course. While many places in the Bible Lands will be examined, particular emphasis will be placed on the Biblical sites located in present-day Israel. An introduction to the Lord’s work in Israel today will be included. The teacher will serve as your tour guide as each site comes alive to each student desiring a deeper knowledge of God’s Word.

Required Materials
  1. 1. The Holy Bible – The New King James Translation
  2. 2. Bible Charts CD by Dr. Donnie S. Barnes. Cost: $39.95


According to an article in the New York Times (August 1, 2010): “Members of the clergy now suffer from obesity, hypertension and depression at rates higher than most Americans. In the last decade, their use of antidepressants has risen, while their life expectancy has fallen. Many would like to change jobs.” I hope you are alarmed, saddened and embarrassed because of this article in one of America’s most influential newspapers. Every year more ministers leave the ministry than enters full-time. We have an alarming minister shortage. One reason is ministry stress and burnout. This course is designed to present materials that address the causes, consequences and cures of ministry stress and burnout.

Required Textbooks:
  1. 1. Preventing Ministry Burnout, by J.J. Turner, Ph.D. It may be purchased ($19.95) at the author’s website:  (Go to the Amazon icon on the site).

CHURCH GROWTH IN THE 21ST CENTURY (Instructor: David W. Hamrick, PhD.) 3 HRS

The student will be enlightened and encouraged by the concepts and strategies proven to help the church grow in today’s world. This course will help the student to see that it is God’s will that the church grow and become a Great Commission church. Emphasis will be placed upon the importance of vision while leading in faith, developing a plan of work, membership involvement, and network evangelism. Tested and proven principles and strategies for growth will be examined.

THE GOSPEL OF JOHN (Instructor: Jerry Whitmire) 3 HRS

John's purpose in his gospel was to produce faith - John 20:30-31 Which he sought to accomplish by recording the "signs" done by Jesus. Not all of them, but enough to produce faith in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God or as we will emphasize in this study: Jesus is God the Son. The "signs" Jesus performed were what we call ‘Miracles:’ We will explore this word/concept in some detail looking at the three words that constitute a ‘Miracle.’ Especially since John uses them to prove Jesus is God the Son. These Miracles are designed to attest His unique relationship with the Father and Holy Spirit.  John of course places heavy emphasis on God the Holy Spirit and we will explore that in its context as well. Our memory work will not be ‘scattered’ verses, but material that when you finish you, will have a unique grasp of the Gospel and be anxious to share it with your congregation.

Required Reading:
  1. John the Gospel of Belief, by M.C. Tenney, Eerdmans Publishing Company
  2. New Testament Commentary on John by Williams Hendriksen. (Baker Book House)




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