In January 2015 David Hamrick, Gage Coldwater, and Gregg Knight traveled to Kasase, Uganda to look at starting a preacher training school.  Several days of dreaming, planning and gathering information resulted in a unanimous decision to establish the school.  With the help of Paul Coffman money was raised to purchase some property to serve as a building site. On the same day the land was purchased over 50 Christians traveled to Kasase to help clear the land and plant the first crop for the farm project to support the school.

Uganda brick machineAfter some additional funds were raised, Gregg Knight began making trips to Uganda to oversee the construction of the new Rwensori School of Preaching.  A block press was donated by a congregation in Oklahoma and the building started going up.The goal was to start the first class just one year later in January 2016.  Remarkably, with the help of God, that goal was reached. In January 2016 the school started with 12 full time preacher students.

Uganda study at building siteThere were plans to start a congregation at the school after the building was completed.  However, curious visitors would stop to see what was going on and found themselves sitting comfortably on a pile of gravel listening eagerly to the story of Jesus.  Several were baptized through this means so temporary benches were built on the construction site for a place of worship.

The Kigoro church of Christ was established and continues to meet at the school campus.  Every weekend the students conduct evangelistic campaigns and several are being led to Christ and new congregations are being established. The goal is to develop the farm to the point that the school can be free of dependency on American money to function.  We feel confident that such will come to fruition sooner than any other school we have established.


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