Edwin and Diane Bacani 600In 2012 Edwin Bacani heard that David Hamrick was in the Philippines on a survey trip to start a preacher training program in Tarlac City.  Accompanied by his wife, Diane, and mother-in-law, brother Bacani traveled to Tarlac to meet with brother Hamrick about joining forces to train preachers in Baguio City. 
Edwin was formerly a Pharmacist and Diane was a medical doctor.  When Diane's father (highly respected gospel preacher) passed away they both decided to leave their medical practice to dedicate their lives to carrying on the great ministry her father had been doing.  After some issues developed hindering the opportunity in Tarlac a survey trip was done in Baguio. 
It was determined that this was a good opportunity for WBI to make an impact in the Philippine islands. The Restoration Bible College started with 12 students in a small facility.  Soon a larger place was rented with dorm space and a kitchen.  In the first year alone the school had produced over 300 baptisms and established a new congregation.  Upon graduation of the first class of students the school had been instrumental is establishing four congregations, starting a radio program, starting a online video ministry through you tube and even established another school in Poblacion. An eight passenger van was purchased to be rented as a taxi to generate local funding to help in efforts to make the school self supportive.

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